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There can be only one . . . .

Well, people, it took nearly 3 months to decide the overall Clan Warz 2000 winners, but we did it!  [SLG] steadily held second place most of the season, and in the end was able to tie -|MeTh|- by beating them on the last day of

eligibility!  This ending could not have been any more exciting or close than it was.  The Saturday night challenge left the top two clans tied in points, with [SLG] winning it based on their ladder position.  To top it all off, these guys were treated to an all-expense LAN party on Sunday, which saw them devour 12 large pizzas, 15 2-liter bottles of soda, and about 10 pounds of Runts candies!  What a party!

Now We're Talkin Hardcore!

Garret came in on Monday morning, July 24th, with one thing on his mind.  He was out to prove himself as the ultimate Hardcore PC Gamer!  With that in mind, he sat down at a PC, the same PC that he used all week for his mission, and never really left the store for 6 days straight!

If he wasn't here physically 24 hours a day that week, he was here spiritually.  Garret fulfilled his mission, here all week long, proving himself the ultimate Hardcore PC Gamer.  We, of course, showered his with praise and gifts, like a free PCGX T-Shirt, a Large Dominos Pizza, a few Mountain Dews, and several pats on the back.  Thanks Garret.

Clan Warz 2000

The long awaited Clan Warz 2000 has officially begun.  As of Wednesday, June 21, 2000, the war to start all wars began.  The battles have been intense, the casualties high and emotions all over the map.  If you don't have a clan together, better get it goin quick.  The Clan Warz are over in late August, with the winning clan receiving an ALL DAY CLAN PARTY!  This is to include one guest per clan member, as well as all the pizza and soda you can consume!  Rock on with you bad self . . . .

They're Here!

After months of intensive research at our secret testing facility deep underground (the whereabouts are kept secret for the communities own safety), we've decided to start implementing the nVidia GeForce 256 AGP Video Cards in our store.  These things are just as sweet as all the magazines said they were!  Games run butter smooth on these bad boys.

Stop on down at the store and check these babies out.  We will also be installing some of the GeForce 2 cards as well for

comparison purposes.  It's our mission to stay on the cutting edge of gaming, so come along for the ride.

What A Nail Biting Final Round!

Holy Cow!  This tournament turned out WWWAAAAYYYYYYY better than even we thought it would!  Totally Awesome!  We had exactly 8 teams, which worked out perfect for our bracketing.  The action was intense, exciting and fun.  If you missed this one, don't miss the next.

It finished as follows:  1st Place - DH, 2nd Place - NLS1, 3rd Place - UWW, 4th Place - HM1, 5th Place - 64, 6th Place - HM2, 7th Place - BA, 8th Place - NLS2.  Click on these images below to check out the action.

Floor Gamin Madness!

Our Winners earlier in the day . . .

2nd Place

4th Place

More Gamin Madness!

1st Place

3rd Place

5th Place

New All-Day Rate Announced!

After much contemplation and soul-searching, we've decided to offer our ever popular All-Day Rate again this summer.  Effecitve Thursday, June 1, 2000, you can play all day long for a mere $15.00!  That's right folks, all day for $15.00!  Take advantage, this rate surely won't be here forever.

New Summer Hours

Effective Thursday, June 1st, we're changing our store hours to better accomodate our customers.  The new hours are as follows:


11am - 9pm
11am - 9pm
11am - 9pm
11am - 9pm
11am - Midnight
11am - Midnight

Look Ma, I'm On T.V.

Next time you're in the store gaming, be careful of your actions, you're being watched!  We've installed a WebCam in the store and will be updating our website with the images every 30 seconds.  So if you're wondering what's going on down and PCGX, just check our website!

Counter-strike Tournament Announced!

You wanted it, you got it.  Counter-Strike, the most heavily played game in our store since we opened a year ago, will now have it's own tournament.  Scheduled for Sunday, June 11, 2000 at 12:00 p.m., this four man team based tournament is sure to provide an intense competition for all those who enter.  With a 1st Place Prize of $200.00, and 2nd Place Prize of $100.00, we're sure to have many teams attempt to obtain the title "Team Champion".  Check out the details and rules at our tournaments page.

King takes Queen, Checkmate!

The 19" Black monitors have arrived!  We are happy to announce that we've installed 9 units to go along with the 9 White 19" monitors already on the floor.  Arranged in the much familiar chessboard fasion, this setup is sure to inspire the gaming enthusiast in all of us (like you need any help once you walk into this place!).

Is That Your Rogue Spear?

Or are you just happy to see me?  We've started our first PC Gaming Club.  Check out the new link on each page to Gaming Clubs.  We've setup certain select Sundays each month for dedicated gaming clubs.  Our first, Rogue Spear, met last Sunday, January 30, and it was a great success.

Club membership is by invitation only.  Please read the Gaming Clubs page to get the specifics on memberships and forming your own clubs.  The fee is only $5.00 for an entire day of gaming.  What a deal!

Black By Popular Demand!

You've all become familiar with our white pcgamexchange T-Shirts.  But you've all requested that same shirt in black.  Well, here it is!  Black by popular demand.  That's right folks, and what a value at $9.95 each.  Every hand that goes up, every call that comes in, this comfortable, and highly attractive t-shirt can be yours!

He came, he saw, he kicked it's butt!

All hail, King Eric!  Eric Ostrander came into our store with a look in his eyes.  A look I cannot describe.  Like that "1000 Yard Stare" you always hear about in war movies.  He grabbed the Age of Empires II box and never looked back.  Six days and 14 Kiwi-Strawberry Snapples later, he conquered 7, that's right 7, allied computer enemies with a total score of 201,233!  Not since Genghis Khan has one man dominated the known world like this guy!

The Millennium Bug, What a dud!

And what a party it was!  We shoe-horned 18 PC's on the floor, plus a couple more behind the counter for good measure, and had our selves one heck of a frag fest!

Check out these guys.  Adrian and Troy (Left) freaked out a little.  Danny (Lower-Left) came in at store open, 10:00 a.m., and camped all day.  Then there's Tiny (below), he chugged that whole Mountain Dew 2 Liter.  What a man!  Everyone had an awesome time.

Party! Party! Party!

They came, they saw, they kicked some virtual butt!  These guys had one wicked-awesome frag fest.  Talk about non-stop, these guys didn't even want to stop to eat, drink, or relieve themselves.

And can you believe they didn't play counter-strike the whole time?  There was a little Rogue Spear action, mixed with a nice portion of Unreal Tournament, and then, of course, a sprinkling of Counter-Strike.  They certainly had a great time.

I wanna be in pictures!

We're takin the big splash, we're goin to T.V.!  That's right, we're looking at doing a television commercial on Time/Warner Cable in the Oshkosh viewing area.  We're looking for some good ideas and input from our current customers.  So if you have an idea, or any experience in video, drop by at lend us your expertise, we sure would appreciate it!

Look; the mice, boss, the mice!

As promised, the new Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer mice are on their way.  We expect the new units to be here in early December.  We've ordered 20 mice, so every machine in our store will have one!

Finally, no more cleaning those darn rollers.  We've had one of these mice in the store for a few weeks to try it out, and I've gotta tell ya, they're awesome!  Very sensitive and 5 buttons, all of which are programmable.  Come down and check em out..

Gettin Cold! Time to Change Our Hours!

Well here we go again!  We're officially posting our new "WINTER" Hours.  I know that word, Winter, might bum some of you out, but rejoice, we're expanding our hours to honor this horrid season.  Effective Monday, November 1, 1999, they are as follows:

MON - TUE - WED - THU   10:00 - 8:00
           FRI - SAT             10:00 - 11:00

What a Party! Yeah, Baby!

Well we did it again, another wild party!  This one took place Monday, September 6, and was it a goody.  We had 11 hard-core gaming nuts playing, you guessed it again, Counter-Strike!

Check out this totally gruesome crew.  The came, they ate pizza, consumed many mountain dews, shot many a terrorist (or counter-terrorist, depending on your persuasion) and had an overall great time.

Another Wild Party!

Joe's group came, they saw, they kicked some ass!  Talk about a wild crew.  I had to crank up the stereo just to hear the tunes.  I had no idea a bunch of teenagers could get this hopped up on caffeine!

The games on tap were:  Turok 2, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress.  The favorite was CS, of course.  The fraggin was pretty serious, and these guys got into it pretty heavy.  When all was said and done, this crew had an awesome gaming experience.

Itchy & Scratchy

It's official,  we are now offering CD and  DVD Disc Repair!!!  We just recently purchased a high-end, wet process Disc Scratch Removal Machine.  And does this baby work great!!!

Looks like pricing will be something like this:  Minor Scratches and Scrapes removed for $2.00 per disc, and Heavier, Deeper Scratches removed for $3.00 per disc.  Sound reasonable? We think so.  So stop on by our store and check out our new service.

Drive, Baby, Drive!

The Thrustmaster Nascar Pro driving stations are on their way.  We're gonna install a total of 6 driving stations in our store by the end of August.  That means you and your amigos can now race against each other over our high-speed gaming network!

Our current crop of ultra-cool driving software includes Microsoft's Midtown Madness, The Need for Speed, Nascar, Desturction Derby II, Grand Theft Auto and more!  Also, if you would like to bring in your driving games, feel free.

Along the same lines, we're looking for people interested in a Nascar 2000 League this fall.  If your a Nascar fan, and would like to race against other fans on our Gaming Workstations with Nascar Pro driving systems, call or e-mail and let us know you're interested in this league.

Party like it's 1999!

And what a party it was. held it's first private party on July 26th, and can you guess what was on the menu? That's right, Counter-Strike!  This group of wildmen were fraggin' like no tomorrow. 

This mod-squad on the left had total control of the place for four sniper filled hours.  And while some took to sniping quicker than others, they all had an awesome time.  And by the way, Happy B-Day, Pete!

Table for One, Please . . .

It's official, we're taking reservations!  Business has been so busy that often times we're full.  That's good for us, but unfortunately that means we have to occasionally turn people away.  Well now you can call ahead to see if a gaming workstation is available. 

We will hold a station for you for up to 15 minutes, that's it.  So feel free to call ahead at (920) 233-4259 to make sure a system is available.  Please note that if you're 2 seconds late, your system may be gone.

Along the same lines, we will be adding more systems soon.  We hope to have 14 machines on the floor by September.  So look forward to some serious frag-fests!!!

Party! Party! Party!

Been interested in commandeering our whole store just for you and your friends? is now offering our facilities for private parties!  You can reserve the whole store for an awesome gaming experience! 

For special occasions or just for the hell of it, you and your friends can reserve the store just for yourselves.  The store is available for bookings on Sunday's and Monday's anytime, or Tuesday's and Wednesday's after 6:00 p.m.  We do require at least 2 weeks notice.  Call or e-mail us for details.

Web Site in Transition

As you've probably noticed, is still in it's genesis.  We're adding features and updates to the web site on a daily basis, so be sure and check back with us on occasion to see what's new!

Soon we hope to offer an on-line Used Software Purchase Guide that will allow you to look up your old games and see what we're willing to pay for them.  This will be found under we buy games .  The system should be pretty cool, so you'll have an idea what your used games are worth.

Also, be sure and check out our tournaments page to find out what upcoming tournaments we're planning, and to see the results of tournaments past.

What is all about
26JUN1999 offers floor rentals of our high-end PC Gaming Workstations at an extrememly affordable rate.  All floor machines are networked on a high-speed local area network with internet access, 3D graphics accelerators, large screen monitors and more!

Come on in and play the latest, greatest PC Games around by yourself, multi-player over the web, or bring in a group of your friends and play against one another using the high-speed network.  It's truly PC Gaming the way it was intended, intense, fast, loud and fun! is Northeast Wisconsin's first full service PC Gaming Shop.  Designed for the Serious, Hard-Core PC Gamer, we offer the latest in gaming technology, games and accessories.

Our second gaming tournament, held July 10th, 1999 was another great success.
 Some true "hard-core" Half-Life fans came out to fight it out for the grand prize.

Brandon puttin the heat on the competition

A house full of Hard-Core PC Gamers!

Brian S. in action as Alex looks on.

Our winners, left to right, were 1st Place - Mike Larsen, 2nd Place - Brandon Fiege, 3rd Place - Josh and 4th Place - Mike Kuhn

Our first ever gaming tournament, held May 22nd, 1999 was a great success.  Sixteen of Northeast Wisconsin's best Half-Life players duked it out for the $100.00 Grand Prize!

A full house of Hard Core PC Gamers!

Mike puttin the heat on the competition

Our eventual winner Steve in action

Our winners, left to right, were 2nd Place - Jerry Sese, 3rd Place - Mike Larsen, 4th Place - Jeremiah Helke, 1st Place - Steve Reimer

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